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horizonta23: national forum for geometric abstraction

2023 / 14 december

nonsofia gallery & archive / Sofia - Bulgaria

the bulgarian artist group around nonsofia gallery & archive, one of europe's newest geometric art community centres, celebrates its further consolidation upon the fourth edition of horizonta: national forum for geometric abstraction. apart from a theoretical module the forum consists of an art exhibition, regular guided tours and workshops for children.

exhibited works by: boyan chakarov, erdem küçükköroğlu, georgi dimitrov, georgi georgiev, ivan shumanov, kamen kalev, maria chakarova and viktor vlaesku. 

Curator Georgi Dimitrov



2023 / 16 - 25 november

Galerie Abstract Project / AP#166

The curating/creating exhibition presents artists who, in parallel with their artistic activity, are also curators. These artists also write theoretical texts about their own work and often that of their peers. They work in informal groups, often forging personal links with one another. The exhibition concerns their commitment to curatorial activity.

David ApikianMilija BelicJean Pierre BertozziChristine BoiryCarol-Ann BraunTerri BrooksClaire De ChavagnacOlivier Di PizioBilly GrunerIngrid HornefErdem KüçükköroğluMunira NaquiOlivier NouvelletAleksander Józef OlszewskiRoland OrépükLisa PangIvo RingeVeronika RodenbergReinhard RoyJun SatoOtto SchererSuzan ShutanMadeleine SinsBogumila StrojnaRichard Van der AaVittorio VanacoreOlga Zabron

Curator Bogumila Strojna


Confluence of Lines - The Drawing Collective

2023 / 5 - 14 october

Galerie Abstract Project / AP#164

Thirty-five artist members of The Drawing Collective from thirteen countries have gathered with their work in this show Confluence of Lines.

Wahida AZHARI • Milija BELIC • Louise BLYTON • Lorenzo BOCCA • Christine BOIRY • Beti BRICELJ • Anne BROCHOT • Caro ENAX • Katharina FISCHBORN • Daniel G.HILL • André GEERTSE • Ellen F. GOLDEN • Gerard van der HORST • Jeff KELLAR • Erdem KÜÇÜKKÖROĞLU • Emma LANGRIDGE • Danielle LESCOT • Jean-Luc MANGUIN • Marilyn Chapin MASSEY • Frank MAUCERI • Gıtte MØRK • Munira NAQUI • Lisa PANG • Michael PERLBACH • Neerja PETERS • Marion PIPER • Tineke PORCK • Jun SATO • Diane SCOTT • Jamel SGHAIER • Bogumila STROJNA • Truong THANH • Wilma VISSERS • Maria de WERKER • Mark WETHLI

Curators Munira Naqui and Bogumila Strojna

www.abstract-project.com / www.thedrawingcollective.org

Art + Mathematics III / Konstuktiv.ist virtual exhibition .10

2023 / 4 january - 6 february

Mathematics is the language of the universe. It is a discipline in its own right, but it has long been closely linked to the arts. Presented by Konstruktiv.ist as part of the  “Art + Mathematics III”, this exhibition features the works of 13 international artists. Each artist is demonstrating their own methods of using mathematics in their artistic creation process. We would like to share this rich visual diversity with you through this art event.

Participating Artists: Lorenzo Bocca, Beti Bricelj, Georgi Dimitrov, Gerd Jansen, Erdem K.Köroğlu, Josef Linschinger, Jean-Luc Manguin, Manfred Mohr, Judith Nem’s, Jo Niemeyer, Aleksander Józef Olszewski, Bogumila Strojna, András Wolsky


6. International André Evard-Art Award Kunsthalle Messmer

2021 / 4 december - 2022 / 27 february

In honor of the artist André Evard, the messmer art gallery awards the international andré evard prize every three years. World-renowned art prize in the field of concrete-constructive art. 500 artists from 47 different countries applied for the prize, More than 100 selected works can be seen in this exhibition. These represent a summary of the most exciting facets and new interpretations of geometric-abstract contemporary art. 

This prize is dedicated to one of the forefathers of concrete-constructive art , the Swiss artist André Evard (1876-1972).

Official website of Kunsthalle Messmer: 


Salon des Réalités Nouvelles 2019

2019 / 19 -21 October


Qu'est-ce que l'Art abstrait  non-figuratif et non-objectif ? Sans lien avec le monde des apparences extérieures, c'est, pour la peinture, un certain plan ou espace animé par des lignes, des formes, des surfaces, des couleurs, dans leurs rapports réciproques et, pour la sculpture, un certain volume animé par des plans, des pleins, des vides exaltant la lumière. ...

First MANIFESTO of the Salon des REALITES NOUVELLES, 1948

What is non-figurative and non-objective abstract art? Unrelated to the world of external appearances, it is, for painting, a certain plane or space animated by lines, shapes, surfaces, colors, in their reciprocal relationships and, for sculpture, a certain animated volume. by planes, solids, voids exalting the light.


Art et Mathématiques - 4e Festival [en]quête de Sciences - Université de Caen

2022 / 9 - 22 march

Les œuvres de 27 artistes contemporains sont reproduites dans cette exposition internationale, proposée par la Bibliothèque Madeleine Brès dans le cadre de la “Semaine des mathématiques 2020”. Chaque artiste expose une œuvre qu’il a choisie et qui illustre sa propre manière d’employer les mathématiques dans son processus de création artistique.

Le panorama international d’artistes contemporains qui sont rassemblés dans cette exposition se situe dans la lignée de ces mouvements tout en poursuivant un travail exploratoire. En effet, tous ces créateurs emploient les mathématiques comme prétexte ou bien comme justification ; mais outre cela, ils ont bâti des protocoles personnels qui mêlent parfois plusieurs notions, ou qui découlent des récentes avancées en mathématiques.


The works of 27 contemporary artists are reproduced in this international exhibition, proposed by the Madeleine Brès Library as part of the “Mathematics Week 2020”. Each artist exhibits a work that he has chosen and which illustrates his own way of using mathematics in his artistic creation process.

The international panorama of contemporary artists brought together in this exhibition is in line with these movements while pursuing an exploratory work. Indeed, all these creators use mathematics as a pretext or as a justification; but in addition to that, they have built personal protocols which sometimes combine several notions, or which result from recent advances in mathematics.

By Jean-Luc MANGUIN, GREYC laboratory, University of Caen.



Art et Mathématiques at the INSPE Normandie in Rouen

2022 / 31 march - 2 june

" Mathematics is a discipline in its own right, but it has a unique property of dissemination: all sciences use it with great benefit.

Their distribution does not stop there, quite the contrary. Indeed, they have long been intimately linked with the major arts: Pythagoras and his disciples explained musical harmony to us through numerical relationships, and the architects of Antiquity still surprise us with the extent of their knowledge.

The international contemporary artists brought together in this exhibition use mathematics as a pretext or as a justification. But beyond that, they have built personal protocols which sometimes combine several notions, or which result from recent advances in mathematics.

Thus, throughout the exhibited works, you will not only encounter geometric shapes and proportions, but you will also guess the presence of sequences of natural numbers, irrational numbers, topology, combinatorial algebra, random simulation or more statistical models."

By Jean-Luc MANGUIN, GREYC laboratory, University of Caen.


the end of the beginning: geometric art from non-sofia's collection

2022 / 31 march - 2 june

the first exhibition in the new space's calendar showcases the work of thirty remarkable artists from eleven countries who have worked or still work in the field of geometric abstraction from the 1920s to the present day. featuring painting, sculpture, serigraphy, drawing, video, textile, relief, photography, animation and poetry, the show aims to present the diversity of this aesthetic movement, long known and embedded in the cultural tradition of developed civil societies around the world.


Forårsudstillingen - The Spring Exhibition 2013

Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen 

2013 / 1 march - 12 may

The Spring Exhibition is an open submission exhibition that has long been one of the highlights of the annual programme at Charlottenborg. In 2013 the show features 74 participants from around the world, including many from Denmark and Northern Europe, as well as others from countries such as Chile, Australia and the USA. The exhibited works cover a wide variety of genres associated with art, architecture and design.  


'Salon des Réalités Nouvelles' 2017 - Paris France

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'5. André Evard Art-Award' 2018 - Riegel Germany

'7. IFAF - ZDSLU' 2018 - Kranj Slovenia

'Concrete Discourse Complexity' 2018 - Kielce Poland

'Orthogonal 16' 2017 - Varna Bulgaria

'The Drawing Collective' 2016 - Abstract Project Paris

'SNO #108' 2014 - Sydney Australia

'7. Biennial of Drawing' 2010 - Pilsen Czech Republic

'Equilibrium' 2011 - Istanbul Türkiye

Konstruktiv.ist virtual exhibition no.10 / ART + MATHEMATICS III

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