Geometric Abstract / Concrete Art

This website features the geometric abstract artworks of artist Erdem K.Köroğlu, demonstrating his own methods of using mathematics in his artistic creation process. He is founder of the art project space in Istanbul.

News / Latest Exhibitions

horizonta23: national forum for geometric abstraction

2023 / 14 december

nonsofia gallery & archive / Sofia - Bulgaria

the bulgarian artist group around nonsofia gallery & archive, one of europe's newest geometric art community centres, celebrates its further consolidation upon the fourth edition of horizonta: national forum for geometric abstraction. apart from a theoretical module the forum consists of an art exhibition, regular guided tours and workshops for children.

exhibited works by: boyan chakarov, erdem küçükköroğlu, georgi dimitrov, georgi georgiev, ivan shumanov, kamen kalev, maria chakarova and viktor vlaesku. 

Curator Georgi Dimitrov


2023 / 16 - 25 november

Galerie Abstract Project / AP#166

The curating/creating exhibition presents artists who, in parallel with their artistic activity, are also curators. These artists also write theoretical texts about their own work and often that of their peers. They work in informal groups, often forging personal links with one another. The exhibition concerns their commitment to curatorial activity.

David ApikianMilija BelicJean Pierre BertozziChristine BoiryCarol-Ann BraunTerri BrooksClaire De ChavagnacOlivier Di PizioBilly GrunerIngrid HornefErdem KüçükköroğluMunira NaquiOlivier NouvelletAleksander Józef OlszewskiRoland OrépükLisa PangIvo RingeVeronika RodenbergReinhard RoyJun SatoOtto SchererSuzan ShutanMadeleine SinsBogumila StrojnaRichard Van der AaVittorio VanacoreOlga Zabron

Curator Bogumila Strojna

“Us again/Encore nous“ - 7th Biennale of Non- Objective Art

2023 / 2 - 15 november

Potential Project Athens / Greece

The international exhibition "Us again/Encore nous - 7th Biennale of Non- Objective Art" is being organized for the first time in Greece and hosted at the Potential Project in Athens from November 2 to November 15, 2023. Curators: artist Kleopatra Moursela, art historian Chara Dimitropoulou, artist Rene Van Den Bos.

Infinity Series

2023 / 15 november - 31 december

Portiersloge Groningen / Netherlands

The Gatekeepers Lodge, located at Haddingestraat 26, consists of a window and a space in a busy street in the city center of Groningen where modern art is exhibited since 2008. The small space can only be viewed from the outside. Curator Wilma Vissers

'yine yenilenerek': Ortaköylü Sanatçılar Sergisi 4

2024 / 1 - 17 march

Ortaköy Kültür Merkezi - İstanbul

4. edition of the group exhibition featuring local artists who have art studios in the "Ortaköy" district of Istanbul.

Ortaköy Kültür Merkezi Art Projects no.5 / Erdem Küçükköroğlu no.2 / art + mathematics I no.10 / art + mathematics III no.7 / art + mathematics II