the end of the beginning: nonsofia g&a

the end of the beginning: geometric art from non-sofia's collection  

/ 31 march - 2 june 2022 


the first exhibition in the new space's calendar showcases the work of thirty remarkable artists from eleven countries who have worked or still work in the field of geometric abstraction from the 1920s to the present day. featuring painting, sculpture, serigraphy, drawing, video, textile, relief, photography, animation and poetry, the show aims to present the diversity of this aesthetic movement, long known and embedded in the cultural tradition of developed civil societies around the world. 

exhibition participants: dóra maurer, istván haász, levente bálványos, andrás wolsky, árpád forgó, barna benedek (hungary); camille graeser, max bill, eugen gomringer, hans jörg glattfelder (switzerland); josé heerkens, arjan jansen, guido winkler (the netherlands); friedrich vordemberge-gildewart, bruno haas, gisela hoffmann (germany); peter dochev, ivan shumanov, maria chakarova, georgi georgiev, georgi dimitrov, краsimira stikar, viktor vlаesku (bulgaria); ingo glass (romania); erdem küçükköroğlu (turkey); patrick morrissey (england); hanna roeckle (liechtenstein); yorgos vourlidas (greece), etc.